Baby Bicycle at affordable price in 2020

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16” Peerless Kids 1.0

Age Group: 2 - 5 YearsBrand: PeerlessMain Material: Alloy..

৳ 5,100 /-

20” Peerless Kids

Age Group: 3 - 9 YearsBrand: PeerlessMain Material: Alloy..

৳ 5,400 /-

Duranta 12 Kids With Basket

Frame Size: Steel: 12"x8"Fork: Steel Rigid ForkSaddle: Pu FoamHandle Bar: Raise-90mm; 480mmL (Molly ..

৳ 5,400 /-


1. Steel Frame and fork2. Eva Tyre Black3. Rear Bracket4. Side Fita5. Colorfull B..

৳ 2,085 /-

Easy Folding Baby Tricycle Folding High Carbon Steel Frame For Kids

Product Details: Material: high carbon steel +PP+EVA + rubber 3 in 1 Multi-function tricycle can..

৳ 8,500 /-

Hero 16" Cycle For Kids

Hero 16" Cycle for KidsBrand: HeroFrame Size: Metal: 16"  Fork: Steel ForkPedal: Heavy Pla..

৳ 7,550 /-

Meghna 16" Cycle For Kids Red

Meghna 16" Cycle for Kids - RedBrand: MeghnaFrame Size: Metal: 16" Fork: Steel ForkPedal: Heavy..

৳ 6,999 /-

Phoenix 16" Cycle For Kids Blue

Short Details:Phoenix 16" Tubeless Cycle For Kids BlueBrand: PhoenixModel: SportsFrame Size: Steel: ..

৳ 6,650 /-

Baby Bicycle at affordable price in 2020

Ask any adult cycle riders and no doubt they will able to tell you about their first-time experience with two training wheels. But when it's your children's first bike that can be challenging to pick the right one. Unlike an adult bicycle, kid's bikes are sized according to wheel size instead of frame height and weight.

Now one question may arise in your mind that with so many choices how will you make the right choice? You don't need to worry and take a breath. I am here to give the guidelines for choosing the right bicycle for your kids. So, let's started!

Kid's bicycle size

It's very important to choose a well fit bike with considering height, approximate age, the inside leg length, or wheel size of the bike (inseam).

Age group 2 to 4

Bikes with 12-inch and 14-inch wheels are designed for the smallest riders(age between 2 to 4) to boost their confidence so they can start their first pedal bike. These bikes are the simplest form like no pedals, chain, just wheels, and frame. Generally, the lightweight design of these bikes makes it easier to coordinate body balance and travel friendly.

Age group 5 to 8

Bikes with 16-inch wheels are typically their first pedal bike with coaster brake. You will find hand brakes in front to use as a stopping mechanism whenever your child needs to stop.

Age group 6 to 10

20-inch bikes are a popular choice for most of the adult children between 6 to 10 years old. These bikes come with numerous features like multiple gears in front and back and lever-operated front handbrake.

Girls/boys specific design

Does it matter? In my point of view, there is no specific functionality that might differentiate girls/boys bicycle design. Generally, the design of the step below makes an advantage for youngest girl riders to get in and off.


Though a child initially starts with a single gear as the age increases children choose multiple gears in the front and back to plan a ride hilly areas and roads. If your children can deal with the tackling hiller, then you need to think about the wheels of a 20-inch bike to get them up and down on the road or somewhere.


There are mainly two types of brakes- coaster brakes and lever-operated. Coaster brakes can be found on smaller bikes to use slow down and stop by pedaling backward. On the other hand, you will find front lever-operated bikes depending on the height, strength, or physical fitness. But make sure whether your child is ready or not to use a handbrake.

Seat height

I am sure you don't want a bike that is not adjustable with height. So check the maximum and minimum heat height and stand over height before making the decision.

Training wheels

I think this is worth checking before buying a bicycle, especially for new riders. Because first time the child can able to learn a ride with the help of training wheels. After that, you can pop the training wheels when your child becomes more confident and able to balance without training wheels.

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